Welcome to EcoSynagogue

EcoSynagogue working in partnership with The Board of Deputies of British Jews, promoting environmental sustainability and engagement across the Jewish Community

“The environmental crisis is not simply a technological problem to be resolved through better science. It is a moral and spiritual crisis in our relationship with the earth.

Judaism understands us not as masters, but as trustees, of God’s creation. We have a primary responsibility to care for the earth and leave it to our children in a state of wholeness and health.

Eco Synagogue is a carefully developed approach to measuring and changing the relationship of our Synagogues with the environment. It operates through an online survey aimed at Synagogues which assesses broad domains of activity: how we use our buildings and any land we own or care for; how we eat and consume; how we use the opportunities of the liturgical year; how we teach and preach; and how we change the behaviours of our congregations.

Community action, supported and encouraged by rabbis and lay leaders, and put into practice by ‘green teams’ of motivated members, is incentivised by the award of bronze, silver and gold standards. The Eco Synagogue website will increasingly offer practical and educational resources and examples of best practice. Eco Synagogue is a cross-communal initiative created with the support of the highly successful Eco Church. Hopefully, it will lead to partnerships between faiths in forming eco-boroughs and eco-cities.

The task is urgent. The work is at once detailed and all-encompassing. It engages both the everyday detail of our lives, how we travel, shop, heat and light our homes and synagogues, and the spiritual core of existence: how we relate with respect and love to God’s world.”

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner