Eco-Synagogue is designed provide a practical and simple roadmap for synagogues

You can fill in the online Eco Synagogue survey (questions in PDF format) once you have registered. Your answers (and scores) will help you to identify where there is room for improvement and what practical steps you could adopt; you can use it to monitor you progress over time.

We charge a small annual membership fee to cover website running costs, provide resources and deliver mentoring events. The annual fee is linked to your community size:

  • Less than 100 household members = £75
  • 100-249 household members = £100
  • 250-499 household members = £150
  • 500-999 household members = £175
  • 1000+ household members = £250

Eco Synagogue is a cross-denominational project with synagogues from each of the movements invited to participate. Eco Synagogue has been developed in partnership with A Rocha, the founders of Eco Church, and launched in January 2018. As we grow our membership, we will be able to provide more case studies, resources and tools.



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