Plastic Waste Reduction

What could our aims be?

If plastics which are difficult to recycle were removed from general use we would begin to have an impact on landfill rubbish which persists indefinitely.

The plastics which were collected would be much easier to sort and therefore higher volumes would be reclaimed.

Some practical tips which might have immediate effects:

  1. 1)  if the plastic being used is recyclable, ensure that it is placed in the recycling after a quick wash which removes food debris. This ensures that other other items in the recycling bin are not contaminated , for example humous or yoghurt smeared over clean paper or card.contamination can cause the entire recycling batch to be rejected and wasted.
  2. 2)  Screw plastic tops onto plastic bottles so they are not lost in the recycling plant because they are too small

Try to avoid usage of the plastics which are difficult to recycle

Start thinking …can I do things differently?

  1. 1)  always take a shopping bag out with you so that the number of new plastic bags is reduced and the number in circulation declines.
  2. 2)  use refillable containers when possible. Avoid buying a continuous supply of plastic drinks bottles.
  3. 3)  Try to avoid constant use of Clingfilm. Use resealable container to store leftovers , plates to cover dishes, reusable wraps made of fabric and beeswax or silicone sheets

Become aware of waste and litter. Pick up litter if you see it and dispose of it appropriately

4) Using non disposables requires more effort to clean, put away , etc. Be prepared to make the effort. Over time it radically reduces our use of disposables.