There are lots of ways to make your Shabbat shop more eco-friendly…

Set Up & Clean Up Essentials

Swap to an eco-washing-up liquid

Replace foil and clingfilm with beeswax and vegan zero-waste wraps

Buy ethically sourced laundry detergent that uses less packaging

Reduce the amount of plastic you use. If you can’t refuse, try to reuse. Opt for tote bags and reused boxes at the shop.

Shop locally – home deliveries cause increased air pollution and excess packaging

Use eco candles or make your own including your own beeswax Havdalah candle

Avoid single-use plastic disposables

Bamboo napkins, kitchen and toilet papers are sustainable and plant a tree for every box sold


Four simple words – refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle

Easy to remember and can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

Reduce and reuse

Repurpose the packaging/containers/materials you buy and avoid single use

Cut back on containers, opt for refills and use a refill station near you

Follow the golden rules of recycling, learn all about recycling symbols

Find out about local rules and services for recycling in your area


Use your L.O.A.F. (Local, Organic, Animal-Friendly, Fairtrade)

Local: Buying food locally and buying seasonally means less food miles, support for local economy and farmers and regional variety. Look at the labels; does it come from somewhere in UK? Does it carry the Union Flag or Red Tractor symbols?

Organic: Organic farming uses less fossil fuel energy and builds up carbon in the soil, removing it from the atmosphere and relies on composting, crop rotation and animal manures.  Find your nearest Organic Farm

Animal Friendly: Ethically source meat, fish and dairy products and eat less to help reduce carbon emissions. Avoid eggs, dairy products, meat and fish that have been produced using intensive farming methods and long-distance lorry transport

Fairtrade:  Transport of goods shouldn’t use disproportionate amounts of energy and crops for export must be grown without destroying the ecology of the producer country. Learn about Fairtrade


L.O.A.F. symbols to look out for: