Everybody brings something to the party eg catering for our Eco Shabbat Friday night and Green Kiddush, working in the garden, administration, education, designing eco mindfulness notices and so on.  One of our challenges this Eco weekend was to prepare all vegetarian menus with as local and seasonal food as possible, and then to convince Friday night chicken diehards to join us for the evening!  Local and seasonal produce: Carrot soup with Scottish carrots, potatoes, kale, leeks, butter for Red Dragon Pie and Red Cabbage and from Susie’s garden, apples and plums for the desert cake.  Kiddush was more difficult, but we had Kettle crisps from British potatoes, more apples and apple muffins baked by Betsy with Walker’s Biscuits baked in Scotland. All the food either passed by Rabbi Rose and/or displaying a hechsher. 

On Friday night we were joined by speaker, Yosef Abramowitz, who is an Israeli climate activist and CEO of Gigawatt Global, a company which has put solar panels into the Arava and also in many African countries.  In addition, Ayelet Rosen, Head of Multilateral Environment Agreements for the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, who is also attending COP26 joined us for Friday night and was also able to answer some questions after Mr Abramowitz spoke. We will now revisit the audit in our next meeting to see where we can move further forward towards a Silver Eco Synagogue Award!