Green Shabbat 5-6th July

To tie in with London Climate Action Week, we are asking synagogues to host a Green Shabbat on Parshat Korach, 5-6th July by doing one of these five actions – and preferably all! 

  1. Learn about Climate Change. Invite a speaker to lead a conversation. Maybe there’s an expert in your shul; or ask us to suggest someone.
  2. Cut waste with a Green Kiddush. Read how Kol Nefesh eliminated single-use plastic and sourced local, seasonal and vegan food. 
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint.  Switch your synagogue to an Eco Energy Supplier and ask your congregation to do so, too.
  4. Arrange a green film screening. Try Sir David Attenborough’s Climate Change – The Facts.
  5. Register with Eco Synagogue (if you haven’t already) and take the eco audit to start your shul on its journey to becoming more sustainable.

Let us know you’re hosting Green Shabbat by registering here –