Is Kosher Wine Vegan?

Most Kosher wines are vegetarian. Kosher wines will never use animal derived fining agents, except for fish gelatine or egg whites, which may be used in some kosher wines.

Kosher wines using fish gelatine or egg whites are not considered vegan and not included on our list of vegan wines.

Here is a selection of certified vegan wines under Kosher Supervision, provided to us (with our thanks) by The Grapevine.


Canaan Red/White

Estate Petite Sirah

Estate Fume Blanc

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Reserve Viognier


Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

Chenin Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


Velvet [semi-sweet]


Hebron Heights Winery

Isaacs Ram

Or Haganuz

Elima [no sulphites]

Amuka Blanc

Amuka Cabernet Sauvignon

OROT French Blend